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How to Book an Event

How to Book an Event Using the Web

From the home page of Clinton Community College, click More Events located under the rotating picture.

2.  Click Request a room for an event.

Click the down arrow to select Clinton Community College from the list of Organizations. If you are not part of Clinton Community College, you can enter your Organization under New Organization and click the Add button. In the future, you will be able to find the organization by clicking the down arrow and selecting it.

Click the Continue button.

Find your name in the list of Known Contact or enter and complete the information in New Contact if you are not found in the databases.

Click Continue. The screen below is displayed.

7.  Event Name: Enter an Event Name. This will be the title that will be displayed (after confirmation) to the FastBook calendar.

Event Type: Click the down arrow to select an appropriate type to assign to your event.

Estimated Attendance: Enter an approximate number if known.

Start Date: Enter the date (dd/mm/yy) you wish to request for the event.

End Date: Enter the date your event will end.

Start Time: Enter the time your event will start.

End Time: Enter the time your event will end.

Spans past midnight? Currently we do not allow past midnight events.

Room: Select the room you would like to use if you know it or select “Doesn’t matter” if you would like us to select the room.

Room Style: Select an appropriate room style.

Equipment Needed: Select the equipment necessary. You can select multiple options by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking the different options.

Tax Exempt: Type “Yes” if you are a tax exempt organization.

Email Address: Enter the email address you would like to have confirmation sent to about this event. Clinton Community College employees will have the confirmation sent to their CCC address.

Meal Information: Enter any meal requirements you would like and Lessing's will follow up with you.

Comments and/or Instructions: Please any additional information you would like us to know.

Click Submit Request. The system will provide you a confirmation page and will post your request to the calendar. Once the Event Scheduling Team receives the request, they double check the event request, confirming equipment issues, etc. and will change the request to confirmed, emailing you a confirmation report with all the information. It is important you double-check this report to ensure the information is accurate.

To Modify or Change an Event

Please contact Event Scheduling distribution list or Sean Wright at (518) 562-4119 directly.