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Curriculum Development and Revision Handbook

As a standing committee of the Clinton Community College (CCC) Faculty Council, the Curriculum Committee is charged with: the review and evaluation of existing courses and curricula, as well as proposed courses and curricula, and shall continually study and evaluate the philosophy of the academic programs of the College.  To that end, the Curriculum Committee has developed this handbook as a guide for faculty as they create and maintain the curriculum; simply click on the appropriate handbook chapter: located in the menu to the left.

Curriculum Development/Revision Overview
The curriculum development/revision process is intended to be efficient, yet comprehensive. Strong curriculum is the foundation of a solid education and, as such, all curriculum initiatives and changes are reviewed by:

  1. the sponsoring academic department,
  2. the Curriculum Committee,
  3. the Faculty Council, and
  4. the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA)

In addition, some curriculum initiatives may require additional review and approval by the College President, Board of Trustees, SUNY and/or NYS Education Department (NYSED).  Please note that curriculum development and approval can be a lengthy process, particularly for new curriculum and curriculum changes that require the approval of SUNY and NYSED.

2019-2020 Curriculum Committee Members
If you have any questions or concerns regarding curriculum matters, please contact a committee member for assistance: Angela Barnaby, Denise Coughlin,  Jonathan Reid(exofficio), Catherine Eloranto, Jarrod Cone(exofficio), Lynn Fowler, Carey Goyette, Martha Hewitt, Patricia LaDuke, Rick Lawrence, Lee Ann Thomas , Cathy Mitchell, and Chrisa O'Connell  (chair)