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2011-2012 Curriculum Matters


2011-2012 Curriculum Committee Members
Angela Barnaby, Paul Bethka, Terri Cummings,  Sean Dermody (exofficio), Catherine Eloranto, Chris Ford (exofficio), Lynn Fowler, Carey Goyette (spring semester), Martha Hewitt, Patricia LaDuke, Cathy Mitchell,  Sue Raab (fall semester), Cheryl Reagan (exofficio) and Lee Ann Thomas.

2011-2012 Curriculum Initiatives:
On this page, you will find an archive of all curriculum initiatives and revisions brought to the CCC Curriculum Committee during the 2011-2012 academic year.  Posted below, you will find links to the supporting documentation for curriculum initiatives (1) as they were brought to the Curriculum Committee and (2) as they were brought to the Faculty Council.  In addition, the committee developed this web reference and electronic forms during the 2011-2012 year.

Items for 5-3-12 Faculty Council Review:
5-3-12 BIO228 (Action Item)
5-3-12 BIO204 (Action Item)
5-3-12 HIS181 (Information Only)
5-3-12 WTT201 (Action Item)
5-3-12 MAT096 (Action Item)
5-3-12 MAT098 (Action Item)
5-3-12 MAT104 (Action Item)
5-3-12 MAT105 (Action Item)
5-3-12 HUM285 (Action Item)
5-3-12 HPE124 (Action Item)
5-3-12 ACC285 (Action Item)
5-3-12 Payroll Certificate (Action Item)
Payroll Certificate Revised Worksheet
Financial Services Certificate Deactivation/Discontinuance

Items for 4-27-12 Curriculum Committee Review:
BIO228 (Course Revision)
BIO204 (Course Revision)
HIS181 (Topics Course)
WTT201 (Course Revision)
MAT096 (Course Revision)
MAT098 (Course Revision)
MAT104 (Course Revision)
MAT105 (Course Revision)
Military Studies Option Summary
MTS101 (New Course)
MTS102 (New Course)
MTS103 (New Course)
MTS104 (New Course)
MTS201 (New Course)
MTS202 (New Course)
MTS203 (New Course)
MTS204 (New Course)
MTS223 (New Course)
HUM280 (New Course)
HUM280 (Topic - China)
HPE124 (Course Revision)
ACC285 (Course Revision)
Payroll Certificate Revision
Payroll Certificate Revised Worksheet
Financial Services Certificate Deactivation/Discontinuance
Approved Minutes
4-27-12 Curriculum Committee Minutes

Items for 4-19-12 Faculty Council Review:
4-19-12 ART107(Action Item)
4-19-12 CHI101(Action Item)
4-19-12 CHI102(Action Item)
4-19-12 ENG150(Action Item)
4-19-12 FRE180(Information Only)
4-19-12 HPE100(Action Item)
4-19-12 MAT103(Action Item)

Items for 3-23-12 Curriculum Committee Review:
ART107 (Course Revision)
CHI101 (New Course)
CHI102 (New Course)
FRE180 (Topics Course)
HPE100 (Course Revision)
HPE124 (Course Revision)
MAT103 (Course Revision)
ENG150 (New Course)
Payroll Certificate Revision
Payroll Certificate Revised Worksheet
Approved Minutes:
3-23-12 Curriculum Committee Minutes

Items for 3-1-12 Faculty Council Review:
3-1-12 ESL101 (Action Item)
3-1-12 HIS180 (Information Only)
3-1-12 AAS Human Services (Action Item)
3-1-12 Human Services Worksheet
3-1-12 HUS208 (Action Item)
3-1-12 AA Criminal Justice (Action Item)
3-1-12 ETE101 (Action Item)
3-1-12 ETE102 (Action Item)
3-1-12 AAS Industrial Technology (Action Item)
3-1-12 AAS Computer Technology (Action Item)
3-1-12 CSC121 (Action Item)
3-1-12 ENV216 (Action Item)
3-1-12 AAS Environmental Technology (Action Item)
3-1-12 Environmental Technology Worksheet
3-1-12 HUS281 (Action Item)
3-1-12 HUS104 (Action Item)
3-1-12 HUS116 (Action Item)
3-1-12 HUS175 (Action Item)
3-1-12 HUS201(Action Item)
3-1-12 HUS203(Action Item)
3-1-12 HUS206 (Action Item)
3-1-12 HUS210 (Action Item)
3-1-12 HUS217 (Action Item)
3-1-12 HUS219 (Action Item)
3-1-12 HIS250 (Action Item)
3-1-12 ART114 (Action Item)
3-1-12 ART111 (Action Item)
3-1-12 ART100 (Action Item)
3-1-12 ART103 (Action Item)
3-1-12 ART104 (Action Item)
3-1-12 HUM110 (Action Item)
3-1-12 ENV215 (Action Item)

Items for 2-24-12 Curriculum Committee Review:
ETE101 (Course Revision)
ETE102 (Course Revision)
A.A.S. Industrial Technology (Program Revision)
A.A.S. Computer Technology (Program Revision)
CSC121 (Course Revision)
ENV216 (Course Revision)
A.A.S. Environmental Technology
A.A.S. Environmental Technology Revised Worksheet
HUS281 (Course Revision)
HUS104 (Course Revision)
HUS116 (Course Revision)
HUS175 (Course Revision)
HUS201 (Course Revision)
HUS203 (Course Revision)
HUS206 (Course Revision)
HUS210 (Course Revision)
HUS217 (Course Revision)
HUS219 (Course Revision)
HIS250 (Course Revision)
ART114 (New Course)
ART111 (Course Revision)
ART100 (Course Revision)
ART103 (Course Revision)
ART104 (Course Revision)
HUM110 (Course Revision)
Approved Minutes:
2-24-12 Curriculum Committee Minutes

Items for 2-10-12 Curriculum Committee Review:
ESL101 (New Course)
HIS180 (Topics Course)
AAS Human Services (Program Revision)
AAS Human Services Revised Worksheet
HUS208 (New Course)
AA Criminal Justice (New Program)
Approved Minutes:
2-10-12 Curriculum Committee Minutes
Items for 2-2-12 Faculty Council Review:
2-2-12 CSC225 (Action Item)
2-2-12 SWK101 (Action Item)
2-2-12 SWK260 (Action Item)
2-2-12 ACC252 (Action Item)
2-2-12 Articulation Update (Information Only)
2-2-12 AAS Business Administration (Action Item)

Items for 12-09-11 Curriculum Committee Review:
CSC225 (Course Revision)
ESL101 (New Course)
SWK101 (New Course)
SWK260 (New Course)
ACC252 (Course Revision)
Articulation Agreement Update (Information Only)
AAS Business Administration (Program Revision)
AAS Business Administration (Signed)
Approved Minutes:
12-09-11 Curriculum Committee Minutes

Items for 12-1-11 Faculty Council Review:
12-1-11ESL110 (change to ESL120 - Action Item)
12-1-11ESL100 (change to ESL110 - Action Item)
12-1-11ESL104 (change to ESL100 - Action Item)
12-1-11ESL103 (change to ESL130 - Action Item)
12-1-11ESL131 (Action Item)
12-1-11ESL121 (Action Item)
12-1-11ART180 (Information Only)
ART180 (Revised)

Items for 11-11-11 Curriculum Committee Review:
ESL110 (Course Revision to ESL120)
ESL100 (Course Revision to ESL110)
ESL104 (Course Revision to ESL100)
ESL103 (Course Revision to ESL130)
ESL131 (Course Revision)
ART180 (Topics Course)
ESL121 (New Course)
Approved Minutes:
11-11-11 Curriculum Committee Minutes

Items for 10-20-11 Faculty Council Review:
11-17-11BIO275 (Information Only)
10-17-11AVT105 (Action Item)
10-17-11AVT106 (Action Item)
10-17-11AVT107 (Action Item)
10-17-11ENG211 (Action Item)

Items for 10-14-11 Curriculum Committee Review:
BIO275 (Topics Course)
AVT105 (New Course)
AVT106 (New Course)
AVT107 (New Course)
ENG211 (Course Revision)
Approved Minutes:
10-14-11 Curriculum Committee Minutes