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Student and Employee Identification Card Guidelines

Faculty Student Association (FSA) of Clinton Community College

Student/Employee Identification Card Guidelines

August 2014

1. Purpose

Identify the Cougar Card as the official Clinton Community College identification card to be used by faculty/ staff/ students.

2. Statement

The Cougar Card provides access to campus buildings, meal plans, athletic facilities, Cougar Cash, library materials and other campus services.

3. Definitions

Cougar Card – Official Clinton Community College Identification Card

FSA – Faculty Student Association located in the Moore Building in room 112M.

4. Persons Affected

Enrolled Clinton Community College students, College faculty and staff, food service staff and FSA staff.

5. Responsibilities

The Cougar Card is a multipurpose identification card with verification capabilities. The Cougar Card provides access to student residence halls, academic buildings, meal plans, library services, Cougar Cash and athletic facilities. Cougar Cards are required for all students and highly recommended for faculty and staff and must be presented for all card transactions. After receiving an appropriate authorization establishing a relationship with Clinton Community College students, faculty and staff may obtain their identification card from the Office located in the Moore Building in room 112M.

6. Procedure

Cougar Cards are provided for appropriate identification to use and access buildings and services. The card is non-transferrable and is valid as long as the holder continues her/his specific affiliation with the College. A Cougar Card is to be used only by the person to whom it is issued. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the FSA Office by calling 518-562-4372 or 518-562-4371. Anyone finding Cougar Cards should immediately send them to the Office located in the Moore Building in room 112M. The Cougar Card may be presented as collateral for official college business ONLY. College offices accepting Cougar Card as collateral must have a lockbox to secure cards and notify cardholder within twenty-four hours if Cougar Card has not been picked-up. After forty-eight hours the Cougar Card must be delivered to FSA. The Cougar Card must be secured at all times and never be left unattended or unsecured in a lockbox.

7. Card Replacement

Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the FSA Office by calling 518-562-4372 or 518-562-4371 or coming to the FSA Office in the Moore Building in room 112M during regular office hours of Monday through Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM. Your card will be suspended and no one will be able to use it. If you find your ID card you must come into the FSA Office to reactivate it. For security reasons we cannot reactivate IDs over the phone or via e-mail. Once a new card is issued your old card cannot be reactivated or used. The fee to replace a damaged card is $5.00 (you must present the damaged card to receive this discount fee). The fee to replace a lost or stolen card is $15.00.

8. Additional Information

Cougar Cash can be deposited onto your Cougar Card in the CCC Bookstore or FSA Office by purchasing it with a credit or debit card, check or cash. Cougar Cash can be used for purchases in the CCC Bookstore, Cougar’s Den cafeteria, PARC Dining Hall, SUNY Plattsburgh food service locations and Plattsburgh vendors who accept Cardinal Cash. Purchases using Cougar Cash at the Cougar’s Den cafeteria and PARC Dining Hall are not taxable. Cougar Cash is not accepted for purchases, such as; alcohol all tobacco products, lottery or other gambling tickets, items that could be construed as drug paraphernalia, body altering (such as; tattoos, piercings, etc.) and gift certificates.

9. You Need a Cougar Card For

a. Cougar Cash – on and off campus prepaid declining debit account

b. Dining Services – accessing your meal plan at the Cougar’s Den Cafeteria and PARC Dining Hall

c. Athletic Facilities – required for access to the gym

d. Douglas Library – to borrow books, DVDs and other materials

e. Door Access – to your Residence Hall building

10. SUNY Plattsburgh Locations accepting Cougar Cash

Algonquin Dining Hall

Burghy’s Video Den

Campus Express

Clinton Dining Hall

College Store

Field House Concessions


Hawkins Hall Snack Bar

Little Al’s

Music and Theater Box Office

North Country Teacher Resources Center

Samuel D’s


Sibley Cart



Tim Horton’s

11. Plattsburgh Area Businesses accepting Cougar Cash

A & L Auto

Adirondack Coffee Roasters

Adirondack Michigans Plus

Adirondack Vision Care

Bagel Pit (formerly Baxter’s Bagels)

Bazzano’s Pizza

Bizarre Bazaar

Buffalo Wild Wings

Campus Corner

Cheechako Taco

China Buffet

Comfort Inn – Legends

Dickey’s Barbeque Pit

Domino’s Pizza

Dress Code

Easy Self Storage

Electric Beach Tanning & Boutique

Empower Fitness and Yoga

Five Guys Burger and Fries


Giuseppe’s Pizza Shop

Ground Round

Homestead Diner

Hong Kong Jade

Hungry Bear

Kimberly LePage @ Edy’s Of Course

Leisure Tan

Lifelong Fitness Center

Livingood’s Restaurant

My Cup of Tea

Nelson’s Flower Shop

North Country Food Co-op

North Country Optical

Northern Cakes Snack Outlet and Redemption Center

Olive Ridley’s

Options for the Northwest

Pizza Bono

Pizza Hut on Route 3

Pizza Hut on US Avenue

Plattsburgh Combat Sports

Premier Tan and Body Center

Sassy Images

Sawatdee Thai Restaurant

Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves at College Suites

Stewart’s Shops – 4990 South Catherine Street

Stewart’s Shops – 809 Route 3

Stewart’s Shops – 7137 Route 9 (North) Near Cumberland 12

Stewart’s – 262 Rugar Street

Stewart’s – 292 Cornelia Street

Stewart’s – 4717 Route 9 (South) near Clinton Community College

Subway in Wal-Mart


Under One Roof

Uno Chicago Grill

Zuke’s Corner Store and Deli