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FAQ from Faculty/Staff/Adjuncts and CAP Instructors

  1. How do I receive a Network and Email Account?
  2. What is my username?
  3. What is my email address as a faculty/staff member?
  4. How do I sign into the Webmail from off campus?
  5. What are student email address and usernames?
  6. How can I get a web page for my class?
  7. How do I add software to my computer?
  8. How do I request assistance from the IT Team?
  9. My password worked and now it doesn't.  What can I do?
  10. What is the Knowledge Base?
  11. What is a shared folder and how does it benefit my class?
  12. How do I sign up for the SUNY Alert Messaging System?
  13. What is the Faculty Portal?
  14. How can I use Microsoft Office products without purchasing them?
  15. How can I configure CCC email to my cell phone?
  16. Is there a discount for software and hardware as a college employee?
  17. What other types of benefits are available as a Clinton employee?
  18. What if I want to relocate my computer or change my room around?

1.  How do I receive a network and email account? (please allow 24 hours for completion of requests or longer if submitted over a weekend)
The immediate supervisor of the new employee should send an email to to authorize the individual prior to asking the new employee to complete the Employee Network Account Request Form. Once the account is created, IT will inform the supervisor that the account is created. They can inform the new employee of the process below.

For the new employee:
Located on the left side of the main IT website is a link labeled Employee Network Account Request Form.   This form is attached to CCC's Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy and by initiating the request, you are agreeing to abide by the policy.  An email account will be created at the same time your network account is created.  The form will allow you to request an initial password which will need to be changed prior to accessing the account.  To change the password from off campus, use the Password Reset link located on the left navigation pane of this page or at the bottom of any CCC webpages.  Reminder to use your username when changing the password and not your complete email address (see option 2. below).  If you opt to wait until you login to a computer on campus, you will be prompted to change your password at that time.

Currently, CAP instructors are not able to receive email accounts as you are not considered an employee of the college but rather in partnership with us. 

2.  What is my username?
Your username is created by using the first four letters of your last name, the first initial in your First Name, and the first initial in your Middle Name.  For example, if my name was Oliver Wendell Holmes, my username would be holmow.  Make sure to enter your username and password in lower case.  The username is used to log into your computer or the lecterns.

3.  What is my email address if I am a faculty staff member?
Your email address is (where example is, use your first name, then type a period (.) and then spell your last name).  

4.  How do I sign into the Webmail from off campus?
We use Microsoft Office 365 for our email system. To access your email from off campus, click on Faculty & Staff Webmail located at the top of any of our webpages.   Under Webmail Information, click Microsoft Office 365 Log In.  Enter your complete email address ( Click the Mail tile to access your email.  

5.  What are student email addresses and usernames?
Student email addresses are  Starting Fall 2010 students will activate their accounts using the Activate My Student Portal Account link.  Their username will be their first name, middle initial and last name all together without spaces in lower case. For example, oliverwholmes if my name was Oliver Wendell Holmes.  If they did not use a middle initial when they registered for CCC, their username will not have a middle initial.  
6.  How can I get a web page for my class?
Many of our faculty are using the Faculty Portal as their web presence for their students.  If you would like a web page, click here.  A work order will be generated to confirm your request.  Currently we are using Microsoft SharePoint Designer for our Faculty websites. 
7.  How do I add software to my computer?
Contact the Technology Coordinator at 562-4261 or 261 if you are calling within the campus.  You can email the  A work order will be generated and a copy sent to you for your records. Software requests for academic rooms are typically viewed as project based, so please use the link located on the left navigation pane to submit a request or contact the Technology Coordinate. The IT Department will evaluate the current workload and coordinate a time with the least impact on the academic learning of the institution.

8.  How do I request assistance or information from the IT Team?
Your initial contact for any assistance you need from IT is the Technology Coordinator. Feel free to email to initiate a work order. The Technology Coordinator reviews the work orders routing them to the appropriate IT staff member.  Often times the Technology Coordinator will complete the work order rather than assigning it to a staff member.  This expedites request processing, allows for future development of tools, and provides information of future training requirements for the Faculty and Staff.

9.  My password worked and now it doesn't.  What can I do?
Use the Password Reset link to reset your password as periodically passwords require changing.  We require passwords to be changed every 3 months. If using a computer on campus, you would have been prompted with a countdown for number of days until it needed changing. You will need to know your current password in order to use this tool. The link is located at the bottom of all CCC webpages or on the IT home page on the left navigation panel. If you have forgotten your password, contact the Technology Coordinator and a temporary password will be provided. Use the temporary password when using the Password Reset to create a new password. This ensures privacy and is our practice not to know passwords of our employees.

10.  What is the Knowledge Base?
The Knowledge Base is an area located on the Networking and Information Site that allows you to see questions and answers to commonly asked computer questions. You can click the single categories, Faculty Portal for example, and only see questions pertaining to that software. Once you click on an individual category, you can Search to find the topic quickly. At the main Knowledge Base screen, scroll to the bottom of the page and you can post a question for the Technology Coordinator to answer!

11.  What is a shared folder and how does it benefit my class? 
If you want students to have access to files on and off campus, consider posting them to the Documents area in the Faculty Portal or use OneDrive providing access to a folder.

12.  How do I sign up for the SUNY NY Alert Messaging System?
The SUNY NY-ALERT System ( allows campuses to warn students, employees, visitors, and parents of impending emergency and provide timely information to protect lives and minimize campus disruption. Click here to sign up for this service.    

13.  What is the Faculty Portal?
The Faculty Portal is a Course Management System that allows you to access course information on and off campus.  Features include course documents, links to external sources, communicate with students, track attendance, conduct assignments, quizzes, and tests, grade book, and grade submittal. For additional information contact the Technology Coordinator or check out the Faculty Portal Knowledge Base.

14.  How can I use Microsoft Office products without purchasing them?
Faculty and Staff are afforded the opportunity to use Office 365 which will enable access to your documents and the software. Click here to login to the site. Faculty and Staff are able to download copies of the software to their personal devices for use.

15.  How can I configure CCC email to my cell phone?
We use Microsoft Exchange and typically the information you need is your username, our domain name of clinton, the name of the incoming/outgoing mail server - and that we use a secure site. It is easier to configure Apple products on campus than off. If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact the Technology Coordinator.

Office 365 - Summary of Configuring your Phone:
Email Type:  Microsoft Exchange
Email Address:
Password:  your password
Domain\Username: your Clinton email address (Apple product: leave blank for Domain and enter your complete email address for Username)
Server Name:    
SSL: click to check the box if asked  

16.  Is there a discount for software and hardware as a college employee?
Many of our faculty and staff are using Microsoft Office 365 which you can find at the previously mentioned site. To find out more information concerning Microsoft Office 365, click here.

17.  What other types of benefits are available as a Clinton employee?
SUNY Corporate Perks
enables discounts through a variety a venders. Each individual registering with the program can access discounts up to 75% off brand names. SUNY Corporate Perks enables you to customize your personal preferences to receive emails notifying you of the discounts. To sign up, click

Cellular Phone Service Discounts: many popular providers (AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint) provide discounts to SUNY employees. Be sure to check them out!

18.  What if I want to relocate my computer or change my room around?
All computer equipment and phone moves need to be coordinated with the IT department so email and a work order will be generated.  If you are relocated to another room entirely, email the New Hire - Staff Relocation distribution list to initiate the relocation.