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Enrollment Management Committee

Enrollment Management at Clinton Community College:

The College’s Enrollment Management process is the key manner of guiding recruitment and retention efforts.  The Enrollment Management Committee comprises a group of leaders from Academic, Business and Student Affairs.  The committee is currently co-chaired by the College Registrar and Vice President of Academic Affairs.  Two sub-committees function underneath its auspices, one for Retention and one for Recruitment.  These sub-committees meet as needed to provide further discussion, information needed, and recommendations for action to facilitate committee work. 

The Enrollment Management Committee works diligently during the Fall semester to review enrollment data and discuss ongoing trends in the areas of retention, admission and recruitment.  By the end of the Fall semester the committee works to identify a draft Enrollment Management Plan, which is finalized at the start of the Spring semester. 

The Enrollment Management Plan not only guides departments in their planning for the subsequent year, but informs the Strategic Planning Committee with regard to estimated enrollments in program areas, as they consider prioritization of resources during the Spring semester.