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What will I learn in MAT 100?

What materials will I need for MAT100?

What websites can I use to prepare for MAT100?

What if I have more questions?

What will I learn in MAT 100?

This course covers basic algebraic skills essential to the study of mathematics. Course topics include linear expressions, equations and inequalities; systems of equations; polynomial, rational and radical expressions and equations; and graphing on the coordinate plane. Applications to various fields of study will be explored. This course counts as free elective credit only.  Students must earn a C- or better to take MAT104 College Algebra with Trigonometry I or MAT105 Technical Mathematics I. 

Prerequisite: MAT098, equivalent or placement.

What materials will I need for MAT100?


Developmental Mathematics, College Mathematics, and Introductory Algebra Plus MyMathLab -- Access Card Package, 9/E, Pearson; Bittinger & Beecher; 
ISBN #9780134197401


MyMathLab Access Code (an eText is accessible in MyMathLab)
ISBN #9780321199911


A scientific calculator, with a square root function, will be required during the second half of the semester.

What websites can I use to prepare for MAT100?
The Math Department at CCC recommends that you review the following prerequisite topics to be successful in MAT100:

1) Fractions: Reducing, adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

2) Translating: Sentences into Algebraic Expressions and Equations, then simplifying and solving them.

3) Solving: Equations containing one variable.

You can do this from home by selecting any of the aforementioned topics on the math-tutorial websites listed below; there you will find mini-lectures, worked problems, practice problems and helpful tips.

Review of these topics will prepare you to be successful in the first four weeks when you are getting situated and accustomed to your new environment.

  • If you have access to the above noted course textbook do “Check Your Knowledge” for Chapters 1 and 2 on pages 2 and 90 and check your answers in back of book.

What if I have more questions?
Feel free to contact a member of the Math Department in person, by phone or via email. A list of department member can be found on the CCC website at:

For more details on MAT100 course objectives visit: MAT100 Course Information Sheet