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Welcome to Current Students


You have chosen to embark on a journey into the profession of Nursing through your entering the Clinton Community College Nursing Program. Our program is a quality program of study and has attained and maintained accreditation by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN) since 1987.


Entering the discipline of Nursing is one of the most important decisions you have made recently. You are on the road to becoming a Registered Nurse (RN). Although it is hard to describe the challenges that lie ahead, aside from hard work, your journey will be filled with new friendships, exciting experiences, personal rewards and major accomplishments. To help you along this road is an experienced and caring faculty.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact any faculty member in the department. If, throughout the year, problems or concerns arise, please do not hesitate to contact one of us. Most times, problems are easier to deal with when you talk with the right people early.


Philosophy and Mission of the Nursing Department


The philosophy of the Department of Nursing derives from its mission and values:

Educating students to integrate the science and caring art of nursing, while providing safe, quality, patient-centered care, and utilizing evidence-based practice, teamwork and technology.


We value:

  • Academic excellence and lifelong learning
  • Critical reasoning and reflection
  • Holistic care
  • Diversity
  • Integrity


Student Learning Outcomes

The Clinton Community College Associate Degree Nursing Program prepares graduates who will:

  • consistently analyze and apply standards of nursing practice in functioning with integrity as a safe entry level nurse
  • examine and utilize caring behaviors in providing holistic care for diverse populations
  • communicate effectively and/or therapeutically with patients, families, and other members of the health care team
  • utilize self awareness in the development of professional identity and demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning
  • apply acquired critical reasoning skills to develop, implement, and evaluate a nursing plan of care

Projected Program Outcomes

  • Greater than or equal to 55% of students registered in NUR103 after the date of record complete the program within 3 years. Graduation Rates
  • Greater than or equal to 80% of nursing graduates responding to the survey will report being adequately prepared for the role of an entry level RN.
  • Greater than or equal to 85% of graduates responding to the survey will agree they met the Student Learning Outcomes.
  • Greater than or equal to 80% of graduates responding to the survey, or via informal contact, seeking employment as RN's will be employed within nine months.
  • Greater than or equal to 85% of employers responding to the survey agree that graduates met Student Learning Outcomes.
  • Greater than or equal to 85% of employers will report that CCC graduates are able to function as safe entry level nurses.
  • Performance of CCC nursing graduates on the NCLEX-RN will meet or exceed national pass rates. NCLEX Pass Rates