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Student Leadership and Student Senate

Do you know your Student Senate?

The Clinton Community College
Student Senate is

· the connection between students and faculty and administration

· the initial step of the charter process for student clubs and organizations

· the group who manages the use of student activity fee monies

· the group who makes sure students’ rights and privileges in academic and nonacademic matters are preserved

· made up of students LIKE YOU!

“In order to promote the general welfare of the student body, to stimulate interest in and support of those activities contributing in our cultural, social and physical improvement, to establish a just College community with the promotion of democratic participation in the areas of concern to the College community, and to provide the students with the opportunity for the training and experience of a democratic government, we, the students of Clinton Community College, do hereby decree this Constitution of the Clinton Community College Student Senate.”

~Student Senate, By-laws, Preamble

Open to the public

Senate elections are held early Fall semester and late Spring semester


Every MONDAY at NOON in room 109M