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Higher Education Resources

Assessment and Leadership  This is a book chapter in “Advice for Advisors” by Dunkel & Spencer (2006) providing guidance on how to assess a leadership development program

.Developing Community Constitutions, published in “About Campus” (Sept – Oct 1999) discusses the operational elements of community development.

Factor Affecting Recruitment and Retention of Entry Level Housing and Residence Life Staff. This article published in the “Journal of College and University Student Housing” (Vol 35 number 2 2008) shares research funded through ACUHO-I.

Management Learning Community: A Lesson in Innovation. This is a book chapter in “Building and Sustaining Learning Communities: The Syracuse University Experience, by Hurd & Stein (2004) and discusses the development of a new, innovative learning community curriculum.

Practice of Moral Education in Today's Colleges and Universities, was published in the “Journal of College and University Student Housing” (Vol 29, number1, 2000) and describes a new operational model to govern modern higher education.

Support of a Custom Program Model, was published in the “Journal of College and University Student Housing, (Vol 32, Number 2) 2003 and describes how to develop Residence Life Programming model for Residence Life.

Treasure is Close - Zen and the Art of Leadership, was published in the ACUO-I “Talking Stick” (September 1997) and discusses core elements of a strong leadership development program.

Who are our Students? On the Importance of Understanding Today’s Adolescents. This article was published in “About Campus” (May-June, 2005) and describes a “tribal generation” of American Adolescents on today’s college campuses.