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Establishing Residency for Military Personnel

There are special considerations for military personnel to establish in-state residency for tuition purposes:

    1. Members of the U. S. Armed Forces who provide documentation showing that they are on full-time active duty and stationed in New York State shall be charged in-state tuition regardless of the actual location of their domicile. Spouses and dependents of full-time active duty personnel stationed in New York State shall also be deemed New York State residents for tuition purposes.

    1. Dependents of a parent or legal guardian who is a full-time active member of the U.S. Armed Forces stationed out-of-state will qualify for in-state tuition provided that the parent or legal guardian submits proof of a New York State residency, referred to as a “Home of Record.” Such records are on file at the person’s military base.

    1. Civilian employees of the military and their dependents are not eligible for exceptions 1 and 2 above.

For further information on establishing residency to determine the cost of tuition, please refer to the Bursar’s Office page on completing your bill: or contact the Bursar’s Office at (518) 562-4135 or (518) 562-4134.