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           What kind of documents will I need?  

            Legal documentation might include:

  • a medical report from a physician or other health professional. 
  • a psycho-educational evaluation done by your school psychologist.
  • a summary of performance report that provides a rationald for particular accommodationsl 
  • an evaluation done by a private psychologist or a clinical social worker.

   Please note: 

         The evaluator should have training for and direct experience with evaluating  adolescents and adults.
           Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 plans are helpful, but they are NOT considered to be legal documentation.

  Good documentation: 

  • should include age-appropriate testing results (IQ and academic achievement.)
  • should use direct language in describing the disability.
  • should rule out alternative explanations of academic problems.
  • should indicate a SUBSTANTIAL limitation in the student's ability to learn or perform some   other major life activity.
  • should include reasons why specific accommodations are needed and how the effects of a specific disability would be accommodated.