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Linking Your College Calendar Event with Details from FASTbook

For College Faculty and Staff Managing a Campus Event:

A powerful way to get information to people about your event is to link your confirmed FASTbook event with the entry you put on your departmental calendar.  This process puts all of the calendar-based information for your event in one place for your event attendees, in four easy steps!

Here's the outline of the process.  Details are below.

  1. Post your event on your department's calendar by way of CCC's web administration page.  This will automatically add your event to the campus master calendar.  
  2. Make your request for a room booking via FASTbook Online, CCC's room scheduling system.
  3. When your booking is confirmed it will be posted in FASTbook's calendar.  Find and open your event. Copy the URL for that page (select the whole address, then choose edit / copy). 
  4. Open your event in your department's calendar for editing.  Where the screen says "Web Address for more information," paste the FASTbook link you copied in the step above.

Done!  Now when anyone views your event in the College Calendar they can simply click on "For More Information" to see the FASTbook details for your event!