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Policy on Media/Non-Print Materials Collection Development

Media/non-print materials include such items as DVDs, CDs, computer software, etc.  In consultation with the teaching faculty in all subject areas, the Douglas Library acquires audio-visual and other non-print materials in accordance with the guidelines for purchase of print materials.  The library seeks to purchase those materials that may be used by students and faculty in a variety of learning situations related to the curriculum and which are in need to supplement classroom instruction. 

Media/non-print materials are selected with consideration of the following:

1)  The various media available and their potential use in the library
2)  The cost of the media considering initial purchase, replacement needs and growth of the collection
3)  The type, cost (including maintenance) and quality of the equipment required to use the media
4)  The staff supervision or assistance required for the use of the media
5)  The practical problems associated with circulation control, space requirements and storage conditions

More specifically, media/non-print materials considered for purchase will be evaluated on the basis of:

1) Overall purpose, scope and audience
2) Timeliness or permanence of the material
3) Importance of the subject matter
4) Faculty recommendation after preview of material
5) Quality of the production
6) Authoritativeness
7) Reputation of the publisher/producer
8) Format and price
9) Convenience of use

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