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Policy on Reference Collection Development

The Reference Collection is meant as a non-circulating collection of materials designed to provide quick access to factual information in all fields.  Materials will be collected primarily in book form.  Those works chosen for this collection should supply as many reliable facts as possible with a minimum of duplication and overlap.  As a general rule, only the latest edition of a reference work will be shelved in the Reference Area.  Older editions may be transferred to the general circulating collection or discarded. 

Books will be selected not only on matters of curricular interest but in all areas in which factual information may be desired.  The following types of reference materials will be included in the collection:

1)  Encyclopedias, general and specialized
2)  Handbooks and dictionaries in all fields of knowledge
3)  Atlases and gazetteers
4)  Statistical compendia
5)  Biographical directories with both retrospective and current coverage
6)  Selected legal materials which are used heavily and continuously

Reference materials will be especially selected for:

1)  Usefulness to quality reference service
2)  Accuracy
3)  Authenticity
4)  Scope and depth of coverage
5)  Historical perspective as well as currency of data
6)  Ease of use