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Policy on Serials Collection Development

The acquisition of serials requires a higher degree of discrimination than required for monographic (book) titles.  Once a serial has been selected, an ongoing and costly commitment is made in terms of payments and storage for many years to come.  The periodical collection contains a wide variety of titles needed to ensure that the most current information in curricular fields is readily available to users.  In addition, a small select group of general interest and popular titles are acquired to provide for the more general interests of the academic community.  An annual review is done of periodical titles for quality and relation to the curriculum and to recommend cancellation when appropriate.  New subscriptions are carefully reviewed by faculty and library staff.  Priority is assigned to those journals that are more frequently cited, indexed and which are likely to be utilized by the most readers. 

Consideration will be given to the following:

1)  Serials supporting the curriculum of the College
2)  Journals which contain professional scholarship
3)  Serials presenting substantial factual information concerning economic, social, political and scientific knowledge
4)  Journals presenting serious literature, criticism or discussion of the arts
5)  Purchase of individual issues and scattered or incomplete files will be avoided
6)  Only one copy of any given serial publication will be ordered
7)  Whenever feasible, the library shall establish standing orders for serials to receive them on a continuing basis

**  Serials are defined as publications that appear regularly.  This includes but is not limited to journals (print and electronic), magazines, newspapers, almanacs, annual reports, yearbooks, proceedings, etc.