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Individual Studies - Sport Mgmt. Concentration

AAS in Individual Studies
Sport Management Concentration
with SUNY Canton

AAS Individual Studies- Sport Management Concentration

The Individual Studies, Sport Management Concentration, 2 +2 with SUNY Canton offers students the opportunity to complete the first two years of degree requirements for a BA in Sport Management with SUNY Canton. This program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation of courses to prepare them for a seamless transition into the BA Sport Management Program; including general education requirements, requisite business courses and lower level sport management courses. Graduates meeting SUNY Canton’s program acceptance standards will be prepared to step directly into SUNY Canton’s Program as a junior armed with the tools to succeed.

Career opportunities include, but are not limited to:

Sport Event Management

Sport Marketing and Promotions

Athletic Director

Sports Information/Athletic Media Relations

Facilities Manager

Sport Programming

Sports Media Relations

Athletic Business Operations

Ticket Sales Operations

Sport Corporate Sales

Recreation Programming

Sport Coordinators


AS Business Administration: Sport Management

Suggested Course Sequence

Course Number Course Name Credits

First Semester

ENG 101                                         English Composition                                    3

SOC 102                                         Intro to Sociology                                          3

MAT or Natural Science                                                                                        3-4

BUS 101                                         Business Organization and Management   3

LIB 101 or HPE Activity             ` Library Research or Phys Activity                1

Second Semester

ENG 102                                         Literature and Composition                          3

CSC 102                                         Intro to Microcomputer Application             3

MAT or Natural Science                                                                                        3-4

ACC 120                                         Financial Accounting                                     4

HPE 201                                          Foundations of Sport Management             3

Third Semester

BUS 210                                         Principles of Marketing                                   3

BUS 216                                         Principles of Finance                                      3

COM 101                                        Public Speaking                                               3

HPE 202                                         Sport in Society                                                3

ECO 101                                         Principles of Microeconomics                        3

Fourth Semester

BUS 250                                         Principles of Management                               3

BUS 260                                         Business Law                                                    3

HPE 203                                         Leadership For the Sport Professionals         3

ART 111 or 113,                            Digital or Traditional Photography                  3

ENG 235, MSM 118, HIS 101, 102, 121, 122, or PSY 101                                       3

Total Credit Hours                                                                                                    63-64