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Supervisors: When an Employee is Leaving

Please read!

The Human Resources Department will guide the Supervisor through an employee leaving their department. Below should be part of the process, but just in case, we wanted to share a few things with you to:

1.  If the position is being replaced, please let the Technology Coordinator know. We will
     prepare the PC and phone for the pending new employee .
2.  Are there files the exiting employee needs to provide to you or are they already in a 
     shared folder?
3.  What about their email and phone? Below is a suggested practice for you to consider.

Supervisor’s Actions:
1.  Ask the exiting employee to set-up an “Out of Office” message stating the employee has
     left the organization and who to contact.
2. Ask the exiting employee for their PIN for Voicemail. If the exiting employee doesn’t
    provide the PIN, IT can reset the passcode and provide it to the supervisor.
3. Ask the exiting employee to forward their calls to the supervisor or their designee.
    Typically, phone extensions are not forwarded longer than two weeks.

Instructions to forward calls:
1. Press Menu button
2. Press # until Call Forwarding? appears.
3. Press * 4. Press # until the Call Forwarding option that you want to set up appears. In this case, Always.
5. If a number is already programmed, press *.
6. Press *.
7. Dial the destination number (if you make an error while dialing, press * to correct errors) 8. Press the Down arrow key to save.
   If you would like the “Message Indicator” light set on your phone or a designee’s phone, IT
   can program this for you, providing there is a spot on the phone. The Message Indicator
   light would flash if there was a message for the exiting employee.

To retrieve Voicemail for the exiting employee:
1. Dial 390.
2. Once the recording starts, dial *.
3. Once the recording starts, dial * plus the mailbox number.