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Supervisors: To Initiate a New Hire


Please follow the steps below to request an account for a new employee: (allow two business days for completion)

1.  Access Public Folders->Forms->Human Resources and complete the New Staff and Staff
form. Email the completed form to the distribution list called Employee New
     Hire - Staff Relocation Request
to inform key personnel of the new employee.

2.  Direct the new employee to the IT webpage (

3.  The new employee needs to complete an Employee Network/Email Account form 
     located under Process / Form for IT. The college's Acceptable Use Policy is attached to
     the form so it is crucial the employee completes the form. The password entered at this
     time is used to create the account but will need to be changed prior to accessing a
     computer or webmail

4.  The IT Department creates the account and provides the appropriate access. We will email
     the Supervisor informing them that account is ready for use after they have changed their
     initial password. The Supervisor (or their designee) contacts the individual sharing the
     process below. This process can be completed off campus.

     Password Reset:
     1.  The Password Reset link is located at the bottom of all Clinton Community College 
          Navigate to the IT home page (, then click the Password Reset for Faculty & Staff link located
          on the left navigation pane.