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What math do I need to take to get into MAT105?

Who should take MAT105?

What will I learn in MAT105?

What materials will I need for MAT105?

What websites can I use to prepare for MAT105?

What if I have more questions?


What math do I need to take to get into MAT105?
Students may take this course after successfully completing an introductory algebra course, with a C- or better, at Clinton Community College (CCC) or another recognized institution (e.g., MAT 100 - Introductory Algebra or equivalent).  Students may also place directly into this course by scoring sufficiently high on the CCC math placement exam or by recommendation of a math faculty member. 

Who should take MAT105?

This course is generally taken by students enrolled in technology programs (e.g. Computer Technology, Electrical Technology, Industrial Technology, and Wind Energy & Turbine Technology); however, other students who have met the prerequisites may take this course as a math elective. Successful completion of MAT105 will satisfy the SUNY General Education Requirement for the knowledge area of mathematics.

What will I learn in MAT105?

This is the first course in a two-semester sequence of intermediate algebra and trigonometry with technical applications. Course topics include operations in the real number system, units of measurement and approximate numbers, functions and graphs, first-degree equations, lines and linear functions, systems of linear equations, right triangle trigonometry, geometry (perimeters, areas, volumes of common figures), rules of exponents, polynomial operations, factoring, operations on rational expressions, quadratic equation, and binary and hexadecimal notation.  The use of a graphing calculator is required for this course to further the exploration of these topics and their applications.  Near the end of the course, students will complete a comprehensive, departmental final exam to assess their preparedness to move on to MAT205 Technical Mathematics II.

Prerequisite: C- or better in MAT100, equivalent or placement

What materials will I need for MAT105?

MyMathLab Standalone Access Card ISBN# 9780134764702

MyMathLab (MML) card provides you access to the MML online learning system, which includes an e-text, video lectures, practice problems, and online homework assignments.  A hardcopy of the textbook is not required for this course.


A graphing calculator (the TI-83, TI-83 Plus, or TI-84 Plus)

websites can I use to prepare for MAT105?

The Math Department at CCC recommends that you review the following prerequisite topics to prepare for MAT105:

  1. Types of numbers
  2. Operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division) with integers and fractions
  3. Simplifying algebraic expressions
  4. Solving linear equations
  5. Graphing linear equations
  6. Domain & range of functions and evaluating functions
  7. Operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division) involving polynomials
  8. Factoring polynomials
  9. Solving quadratic equations

You can do this from home by selecting any of the aforementioned topics on the math-tutorial websites listed below; there you will find mini-lectures, worked problems, practice problems and helpful tips.

What if I have more questions?
Feel free to contact a member of the Math Department in person, by phone or via email. A list of department members can be found on the CCC website at:

For more details on MAT105 course objectives visit: MAT105 Course Information Sheet