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Is online learning for you?

Online courses are not for everyone!

Online courses are not easier, nor do they take less time than the same course taken on campus. Some students report that they spend more time on work for their online courses than they do for traditional courses.

Taking an online course is “working-on-your-own-time,” not “working-at-your-own- pace.” Students must meet deadlines and move through the course at the pace the instructor establishes. Some misconceptions about online courses:

  • Online courses are NOT easier than classroom courses and require the same amount of time and effort.
  • Online courses are NOT independent study courses - but require interaction in discussion with peers and the instructor.  A great deal of your graded work online is done by collaborating with your classmates.
Take the Self-Quiz to decide if distance learning is appropriate for you.

There is also an online demo course available for you to experience different online activities before you register for an online course. 

Students who make the best candidates for successful completion of online courses:
  1. Are highly motivated
  2. Have a record of academic success
  3. Take initiative and responsibility for their own education
  4. Have strong time-management skills
  5.  Have access to a computer at home and a backup plan if the computer crashes 
  6. Have basic word processing skills
  7. Have at least minimal experience negotiating the Web

Some students have reported that online courses are more difficult when they were not academicaly well prepared.  Others, with the above skills, have reported good learning experiences.  CCC recommends caution in registering for online courses if you are struggling academically.

Contact your advisor, Counseling and Advising, or the Online Learning Coordinator for help in choosing the appropriate courses for you.