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Club Policy - Travel


Many clubs travel throughout the year. Members enjoy these experiences as opportunities to expand and enhance their college education. Ensuring the safety of students and advisors is imperative. A successful trip requires proper planning.

Planning your club/organizations trip:

  1. Know where the club is going
  2. When is the club going?
  3. Who is going? Only current Clinton Community College students are allowed to attend field trips.
  4. Field Trip attendees must submit emergency contact information to the advisor planning the trip. The advisor must submit this information to the Vice President for Student affairs.
  5. Students, over the age of 19 with clean driving records, are allowed to drive College vehicles when traveling with a member of the college staff. A driver’s license motor vehicle record check must be submitted to the Vice President of Administration and Finance at least 4 weeks prior to the date of travel. This is necessary because the check must be completed before a student can be authorized by the college’s insurance carrier to drive.
  6. Complete the College Vehicle Request form. Submit to the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Administration and Finance (226M).
  7. A Field Trip Request Form in duplicate must be completed by the club advisor and submitted to the Dean of Student Affairs at least 2 weeks prior to the date of travel.
  8. Personal vehicles shall be used only when college vans are not available. Faculty shall be reimbursed for mileage expense for the use of their own personal vehicles for authorized field trip in accordance with the regular travel allowance for actual miles traveled.
  9. Students are not allowed to travel to and from field trips in their own vehicles.
  10. All field trips are to begin and end at the College. Students are not allowed to meet the class at the destination, nor can students be picked up or dropped off at a predetermined location.
  11. Leave a copy of the trip itinerary with the field trip request is encouraged.
  12. Advisors are expected to chaperone club trips.
  13. There must be at least 2 chaperones during a trip. A male and female chaperone is preferred.
  14. Chaperones are responsible for the safety of the attendees during the trip
  15. Make sure the driver is comfortable operating the van
  16. Record mileage of the van
  17. GO!