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Clubs and Organizations


Activity/Outing Club Human Services Club PSY in Film & Music
Art and Photography Club Honor Student Association Science Club
Criminal Justice Club International Club Sci-Fi Anime Club
Drama Club Music Club Student Activities Board
Environmental Science Club Nursing Club Student Ambassador Program
Equality Alliance Club Phi Theta Kappa Veterans Club

Activity/Outing Club

Advisors: Angela M. Alphonso

Meetings: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month in 207H from 12-1pm

The Activity/Outing Club provides fun, recreational, and educational activities and outings for student members. They promote fitness, wellness, and healthy lifestyle choices across campus and in the greater community.

Art and Photography Club

Advisor: Ian M. Burcroff and Laura O. Sells-Doyle

The art club consists of students who share a fondness of going to museums, Broadway performances and experiencing cultural events by traveling to major cities through the Atlantic and New England regions. Each semester our organization plans a weekend stay-over to places such as New York City, Boston, or Montreal. A listing of the fine arts venues and attractions that the art club has visited include: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, the Cloisters, Museum of Natural Science, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, New England Aquarium, Notre Dame Cathedral, Biodome, Musee Des Beaux Arts. No artistic ability is required to become a member, only an interest in experiencing the “cultural cornucopia” that is part of our geographic locale.

Criminal Justice Club

Advisors: Catherine K. Eloranto and John A. Mockry

Meeting Time: First Wednesday of the month at 12 noon in room 309M

The Criminal Justice Club is a community-based club open to any Clinton Community College student, though most of the members are Criminal Justice majors. The club is involved in many campus and off-campus community activities throughout the year.

Drama Club

Advisor: Gina Lindsey

Meetings: Wednesdays at noon Stafford Theater

Your Drama Club presents one full-length production each semester in our 170+ seat theatre in the Stafford Center for the Arts, Science and Technology. The cast and crew are CCC students, staff, faculty and/ or alumni.

Environmental Science Club

Advisors: Gary L. Henry 

The primary goal of the Environmental Science club is to promote awareness of sustainability among its membership and throughout the campus.

Equality Alliance

Advisor: Maggie M. Courson 

Contact Advisor

Human Services Guild

Advisor: Denise Coughlin

The purpose of this society shall be to honor academic excellence; to foster lifelong learning, leadership and development; and to promote excellence in service to humanity.

International Club

Advisors: Diane E. Parmeter 

Contact Advisor

Music Club

Advisor: Gary L. Henry

Meets Monday and Wednesday at noon in room 424M.

Nursing Club

Advisor: Dawn M. Maille and Katrina M. Evens

Meetings: Fridays at noon in M105

The Nursing Club is an active group of students who work to promote social, educational and service projects. All nursing students, as well as other students may join. Service projects support various community health initiatives. The club also sponsors open lectures focused on current health issues. Organizing the annual Capping and Pinning Ceremony and the Nursing Banquet to honor both graduating senior nursing students and the advancement of the freshmen nursing students is the capstone activity each year.

Phi Theta Kappa

Advisors: Barbara A. Golden, Christopher DrennanSteven G. Frederick and Deborah A. Jolicoeur

Meeting Times and Location: 12:15-1 pm on Mondays in room 432M

Students who achieve a 3.5 cumulative GPA after completing 12 credits at CCC are invited to join the Alpha Pi Tau chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. The local college chapter provides opportunities for student leadership and participation in campus and community service projects.

Psychology in Film and Music Club

Advisor: Jarrod P. Cone

Meetings: Wednesdays at noon in room 340M

This club will allow those interested in both the field of psychology and the visual/auditory arts the opportunity to interact socially and academically. Our major goal is to expose students to a variety of psychology related topics, fields, and events through film and music.

Science Club

Advisor: Janice B. Padula

Meets Monday at noon. Contact advisor.

Sci-Fi Club

Advisor: Michael A. Lawliss

Dedicated to the Anime/Fantasy/SciFi enthusiast. This club offers a forum for those interested in movies of these genres. Spend time discussing your favorite pastime with like minded individuals.


Student Activities Board

Advisor: Sarah L. McCarty

The SAB is a group of students and staff that plan, organize and hold activities on campus for students to enjoy.  Activities have included laser tag, bongo balls, speakers, poets, fundraisers, discussion panels, game shows, mind readers, stuff an animal, and more fun things college students want to participate in. It is your opportunity to have a say in how your money is spent here at the college.  All ideas are welcome.  Add another line to your resume by joining today.

Student Ambassador Program

Advisor: Donna S. Dixon

Meetings: No scheduled meetings

Student Ambassadors are leaders who are enthusiastic about attending Clinton, comfortable speaking in front of groups and can relate to new students.  Student Ambassadors help by leading prospective students and their families on campus tours of the academic buildings.  They also share their experiences as a student on Student Panels.

Becoming a Student Ambassador will help build your resume and also earn letters of recommendation for leadership and service to the Admissions Office. 

You can become a Student Ambassador by having a minimum GPA of 2.5 and obtaining 2 letters of recommendation from a Clinton Community College staff or faculty member. 

To join the program, or learn more about the program, you can contact Donna Dixon or Lauren Currie in the Admissions Office (141M).

Veterans Club

Advisor: Joanna J. Jackson

Meetings: 127T @ noon

This club was formed to assist student veterans with VA-related issues, mental health issues, and college relations. Long term goals include visiting historical military sites, raising money for a veterans scholarship fund, and setting up a carpool list for those with VA medical appointments in Albany.