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2004 Annual Security Report Size 0.05MB
Description: This document is in compliance with the Clery Act.

2005 Annual Security Report Size 0.05MB
Description: Security Report

2006 Annual Security Report Size 0.05MB
Description: 2006 Annual Security Report

2007 Annual Security Report Size 0.04MB
Description: 2007 Annual Security Report

2008 Annual Security Report Size 0.03MB
Description: 2008 Annual Security Report

2009 Annual Security Report Size 1.62MB
Description: Security Report

2010 Annual Security Report Size 1.15MB
Description: 2010 Annual Security Report

2011 Annual Security Report Size 1.18MB
Description: 2011 Annual Security Report

2012 Annual Security Report Size 1.18MB
Description: Clery report

2013 Annual Security Report Size 1.41MB
Description: 2013 Annual Security Report for Clery

2014 Annual Security Report Size 1.49MB
Description: 2014 Annual Security Report

2015 Annual Security Report Size 1.57MB
Description: 2015 Academic Year

2016 Annual Security Report Size 1.92MB
Description: For Calendar Year 2016

2017 Annual Security Report Size 2.05MB
Description: Annual Security and Fire Report

2017-04-26 New Campus Smoking and Tobacco Use Policy Size 0.02MB
Description: 2017-04-26 New Campus Smoking and Tobacco Use Policy

2018 Annual Security Report Size 2.61MB
Description: The 2018 Annual Security and Fire Report for Calendar Year 2018.

2018 Welcome Size 0.01MB
Description: 2018 Welcome

2018-2019 Academic Calendar Size 0.02MB
Description: 2018-2019 Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar Size 0.16MB
Description: Academic Calendar

Academic Grievance Procedures Size 0.14MB
Description: Academic Grievance

Academic Honesty Size 0.06MB
Description: Honesty

Academic Information and Regulations Size 0.26MB
Description: AIR

Accommodative Services Size 0.05MB
Description: Description of Accommodative Services Center

Annual Security Report Size 0.08MB
Description: Security Report

Assessment and Leadership Size 0.60MB
Description: Assessment and Leadership

Athletics Size 0.15MB
Description: Athletics

Bias Crime Prevention Size 0.06MB
Description: Bia Crime

Campus Life & Student Activities Size 0.07MB
Description: Description of Campus Life & Student Activities

Campus Store Size 0.10MB
Description: Folletts Campus Store

Career and Transfer Planning Size 0.11MB
Description: C&T Planning

CIS Advisement Size 0.02MB
Description: Includes graduation worksheet, along with prerequisites and a recommended sequence for courses.

Code of Conduct Size 0.42MB
Description: Code of Conduct

College Closing and Delay Information Size 0.00MB
Description: Information for college closings

Community Services Directory Size 0.08MB
Description: Community Services Directory

Counseling and Advisement Size 0.04MB
Description: C&A

Credit Card Policy Size 0.00MB
Description: CC Policy

Curriculum or Advisor Change Size 0.00MB
Description: Form to change curriculum or advisor.

Developing a Strategic Plan Size 0.31MB
Description: Developing a Strategic Plan

Developing Community Constitutions Size 0.15MB
Description: Developing Community Constitutions

Disbursement of Aid Size 0.04MB
Description: Disbursement of Aid

Disciplinary Process Size 0.15MB
Description: Discp Pcss

Douglas Library Size 0.06MB
Description: Description of Library

Drug and Alcohol Policy Size 0.04MB
Description: D&A Policy

Exemption Form Size 0.05MB
Description: Housing Exemption Form

Factor Affecting Recruitment Size 0.60MB
Description: Factor Affecting Recruitment

Fall 2011 Academic Calendar Size 0.03MB
Description: Academic Calendar

Financial Aid Requirements Size 0.01MB
Description: Use these tables to understand how much academic progress is required to maintain financial aid.

Health Office Size 0.13MB
Description: Description of Health Office Services

Housing Appeals Process Size 0.02MB
Description: Process for filing appeal

Incident Report Size 0.12MB
Description: Incident Report

Information for Accepted International Students Size 0.03MB
Description: accepted students

Information Technology Department Size 0.16MB
Description: Info Tech

International Student Checklist Size 0.20MB
Description: Checklist International Students

International Students Checklist Size 0.20MB
Description: Checklist International Students

Management Learning Community Size 0.61MB
Description: Management Learning Community

Notice of Non-Discrimination Size 0.26MB
Description: Notice of Non-Discrimination

Office Directory Size 0.05MB
Description: Office Directory

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs Size 0.01MB
Description: VPSA

Pandemic Information Size 0.02MB
Description: Pandemic

Parking Regulations Size 0.09MB
Description: Parking

Policy on Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking Size 0.06MB
Description: Domestic Violence

Policy on Missing Students Size 0.04MB
Description: Missing Students

Policy on Tobacco Use and Smoking Size 0.61MB
Description: Smoking

Policy on Transcript Notations for Conduct Violations Size 0.27MB
Description: Title IX

Practice of Moral Education Size 0.17MB
Description: Practice of Moral Education

Reflections FAQ Size 0.02MB
Description: Frequently asked questions about Reflections, the mainframe here at CCC.

Registrar Office Size 0.22MB
Description: Description of Registrar Office.

Response to Sexual Assault Size 0.18MB
Description: Provides information regarding resources available (internal and external) in cases of sexual assaul...

Rules and Regulations of Public Order Size 0.02MB
Description: Public Order

Science Advisement Size 0.44MB
Description: Advising resource for science courses. Includes tips on prerequisites, labs and more.

Sexual Violence Response Size 0.38MB
Description: Describes options for students who want to know about resources available if they, or another studen...

So You're Advising a Student to Take Math Size 0.15MB
Description: This presentation includes a flowchart for course sequences as well as explanation of which students...

Spring 2008 Leadership Series Size 0.03MB
Description: Schedule of leadership workshops for students and advisors.

Statement of Policy Regs for Emergency Evacuation Size 0.08MB
Description: Emergency Evacuation

Student Advocacy Size 0.05MB
Description: Student Advocacy

Support of a Custom Program Model Size 0.14MB
Description: Support of a Custom Program Model

Transcript Notation Policy Size 0.27MB
Description: In connection to the student code of conduct the new transcript notation policy appears here.

Transfer Credit Appeals Size 0.09MB
Description: Transfer Credit Appeal

Treasure is Close Size 0.15MB
Description: Treasure is Close

Tuition and Refund Policy and Schedule of Refunds Size 0.19MB
Description: T&R Policy

Tuition Appeal Form Size 0.03MB
Description: Tuition Appeal

Tutoring Center Size 0.06MB
Description: Description of Tutoring Center

Veterans Affairs Size 0.14MB
Description: Description of Veterans Affairs

Welcome Size 0.01MB
Description: Welcome

What to do if you have been Sexually Assaulted Size 0.12MB
Description: What to do

Who are our Students Size 0.17MB
Description: Who are our Students

Who to Contact Size 0.07MB
Description: Who to Contact