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Tutoring Center Guidelines and Policies


Help Us Help You!

  • Please understand that we can help you most effectively when you come to the Tutoring Center prepared with information regarding the course in which you need assistance, as well as specific information about what your difficulties are.

  • Please turn your cell phones off and do not engage in conversation on them while in or near the Center.

  • Please use language that is appropriate to a professional setting.

  • Please be patient and remember that there are many people who need tutoring help. The staff will assist you as time and demand allow.

  • Please understand the tutors schedules must be flexible we will do our best to be available as posted, but sometimes other responsibilities call us away.

  • Please do not bring food into the labs.

  • Please treat the staff and other students with courtesy and respect.

  • Please note that College policy discourages bringing children on campus; the learning environment of the Tutoring Center is best maintained when students do not bring their children here.