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Prep 4 Success Workshops

Prep 4 Success workshops are designed to re-familiarize the student with basic concepts and skills, in order to prepare for taking college placement tests. The student may be planning to take a placement test in the near future, or may have recently taken a placement test and would like the opportunity to retest. While taking Prep 4 Success does not guarantee placement into a higher level course, the condensed review format is designed to increase the student’s chances of scoring better on his/her test.
Prep 4 Success may also be taken as review for Civil Service and other exams.

What are placement tests?
Placement tests determine a student’s skill level in and comprehension of a specific subject. The results help determine at which course level the student should begin his/her first semester.

Why retake a placement test?
If a student takes a placement test and places into a remedial course (remedial courses are non-credit), he/she may wish to retake the test with the intention of placing into a higher or college level course. Starting at college-level provides the opportunity to complete a degree in four semesters; starting at the remedial level means it will typically take a student over four semesters to complete a degree, and costs the student more in tuition and fees

WORKSHOPS                                   DATE                COST
Math Prep 1: Basic Math                                                                     
Math Prep 2: Beginning Algebra                                                        
Writing Prep                                   
Reading Prep                                   

Placement Test for ALL Workshops will take place - TBD

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